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Lonely This Christmas – Chapter 3

A quarter of a million miles from Seattle…

Ryan and Emily did not know what to expect when, hand in hand, they stepped into the pool of light Brighthawk had conjured up in their living room. It did remind both of them of “The Light” one was rumoured to see as life reached its end, but Tony was quick to assure them that they had nothing to fear. “It’s okay – look, I’ll go first…”

The scene that greeted the senior Fulchers was not exactly a vision of heaven, but it did have something of the “cathedral” about it, although the arches and columns were metal and plastic, and oddly organic in style. Mr Fulcher was immediately fascinated by his surroundings, but his wife was still a good step behind. “What-what was that?”, she asked Brighthawk, whilst staring at the dwindling portal. “It – I…”

“Well, I guess we now know from whose side Tony’s psi-powers came”, said Brighthawk, smiling. “You sensed something was… different about Brightspace, beyond the obvious, of course.”

“You mean the big expanse of white, with no obvious ‘up’ or ‘down’”, remarked Ryan. “I saw that, but didn’t feel it was worth the effort commenting on it at the time. No disrespect, but my son is a superhero, who shifts his mind into a crystal statue that then comes to life, and who works for a kingdom in another universe. I’d already come to terms with having the unusual in my life.”

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Lonely This Christmas – Chapter 2

“No”, Emily said so firmly her words could have carved themselves in stone. “No, no, no…

“Was there ever any time when this seemed like a bad idea?“, Ryan asked his son. “If so, maybe you should’ve paid a bit more attention to that feeling, young man! Surely you must realise how long your mother has been planning this… how long we dreamed of being a family again at Christmas…”

Not much had been said on the subject, but Tony had been getting the impression that this festive season was some kind of big deal. He just didn’t see that his family’s particular circumstances made them that special. He didn’t think so, he knew so – and maybe now was the time for Mom and Dad to know, too.

“Some people don’t get any more Christmases”, the young man began…

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Lonely This Christmas – Chapter 1

Earth – Jeffrey Chambers High School, Seattle, Washington State…

It was the week before school broke up for Christmas, and Tony Fulcher was finally starting to feel as though he fitted in. Classes were… bearable, although rather on the slow side for someone with his growing telepathic abilities, who could “download” whatever he needed to know from a willing donor mind, and any would-be bullies had by now learned that “The Coma Kid” wasn’t some brain-damaged weakling – Tony had only been “Captain Dominion” for a fairly short time, but he had still been able to pick up what one young thug, who had just had his nose bloodied, had referred to “some moves”.

Tony would have been in the running for Liar Of The Year had he said he did not miss that incredible other life. Every now and then, the urge would come over him to send his mind out into the realm between universes, then beyond to the tiny “bubble universe” of Dominion where, in an alcove of honour, in the Tower of Darkhawk on the capital world of Eyrie, there stood a statue of golden crystalline “Dominium” that would come to life when the young man’s mind took up residence there…

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